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Located in the heart of the financial centre of PanamáT & F Tax and Finance SA Panamá offers customers a variety of services including the set-up and maintenance of Corporations and prides itself on creating and implementing optimum structures for development management and protection of customers’ assets in Central and South America.

Panamá is one of the most favourable countries in the Americas in which to invest due to its legal political and economic stability. Additionally the local government has streamlined and created legal bodies designed to promote foreign investment in local industries such as tourism reforestation mining processing zones for exports and call centres in addition to the development of educational services and technological parks.

T&F Panamá provides its clients with valuable information and the necessary legal support in order to ensure that they are able to take full advantage of all business opportunities in the Panamánian market.

Asset Protection

T&F Panamá offers its clients three instruments for asset protection under Panamánian law namely corporations trusts and private interest foundations. Additionally a host of other legal structures are available to us via our global network of offices in the United Kingdom Ireland Switzerland Monaco Dubai and Luxembourg.

Real Estate

Panamá is currently witnessing a fast-paced development of the real estate market due in part to its legal and political stability as well as its natural beauty.

T&F Panamá prides itself on its ability to offer its clients a full service platform. We offer assistance throughout the entire process of locating evaluating and acquiring real estate and are also able to assist our clients in the investigation of title deeds or other registered documents. Furthermore we are in an influential position when it comes to working with local banks and are skilled at setting up efficient leveraged structures for our clients.

Corporate Services

Our team is skilled in providing legal advice and start-up assistance to companies which currently operate in the Republic of Panamá or that wish to do so. T&F Panamá specialises in setting up corporations opening bank accounts acquiring commercial licences and drawing up all necessary contracts amongst other services.

Migratory Procedures

T&F Panamá is adept at guiding its clients through all necessary procedures to achieve their individual migratory goals. Our services are comprehensive and include counselling on matters such as the extension or renewal of visas exit permits the residence and naturalization process temporal residency and special definite visas.

Maritime Services

We offer a wide range of maritime services including ship registration and other transactions related to vessels with Panamánian flags in service abroad. T&F Panamá also assists its clients in the purchase of new or used ships as well as sourcing adequate financing to execute these transactions .We will also make arrangements for the sale of existing ships.

In summary the services offered by T&F Panamá include:

- Comprehensive assistance in the acquisition of Real Estate
- Opening of local bank accounts with repu international banks.
- Opening of local businesses in Free Trade Zones and in the Republic of Panamá
- Tax and legal advice in establishing companies in the Republic of Panamá
- Accounting and bookkeeping records
- Migratory Services
- Registration and Investigation of ships operating to and from the Republic
of Panamá
- Registration of trademarks and patents in the Republic of Panamá and